The last six months have witnessed unprecedented change. Challenges and unforeseen realities have turned the world upside down. That includes the marketing world.

As a result, the mindset of your customers has shifted. Their priorities, concerns, goals, and objectives for the future have changed, as well. Your prospects and customers from just a few months back are not going to respond to or be engaged by the same marketing initiatives as before. The playing field has forever changed. To be successful in 2021 and beyond, businesses need to adapt.

Here are three best marketing practices for 2021:

1.) Reassure Your Customer

It’s all about trust and transparency. Don’t avoid, downplay, or hide from the realities that Covid-19 and challenges within the economy have created. Your customers are savvy. They want to be heard. They want to know you understand them—their dreams and fears—and that you have solutions that take into account the variables presented by the pandemic and economic uncertainty.

2.) Don’t Pause Your Marketing

Now more than ever it is critical that you stay in front of prospects and customers with positive messages. The worst thing a company or brand can do now is go dark. They need regular communication across multiple platforms. Speak to them where they live socially and digitally. They need to see that you have adapted to the new playing field and that you have implemented practices that make them feel safe and confident.

3.) Make Your Marketing Nimble

The practice of setting a year-long marketing strategy and then forgetting about it is obsolete. Companies must be attuned and reactive in order to address the shifting sands of the market. Because of outside forces, what is important to prospects today may change radically tomorrow. You must have your finger on the pulse in order to engage them with ongoing relevant messages.