2020 brought unprecedented change to the resort and real estate industry. The mindset of your customers has shifted.

Rather than waiting, many have a renewed sense of urgency to act now. To be successful in 2021 and beyond, resorts and residential marketing campaigns need to greet and engage customers where they live — in the now.

2020 saw major change in consumer behavior. To be successful in 2021, brands must adapt. Here are three key marketing practices for 2021.

1.) Virtual Events & Experiences

Social distancing has shifted many social activities online. Consumers still want to “get their fix,” they simply have gravitated to online experiences. This includes everything from live wine tastings to family gatherings to book clubs to virtual property tours. Find a way for your business to engage customers online in real time.

2.) Augmented Reality (AR)

It’s the next best thing to being there. AR is the ability to add digitally enhanced images/content to a live camera feed to make it appear as if the new content is “real,” and a part of the environment to which it has been overlaid. It has opened up a whole new way for real estate communities and resorts to engage and influence customers.

3.) Social Media Purchases

Social channels are not merely online communities for discovery, inquiry, and conversation. They are increasingly becoming channels for purchases and transactions. Consumers can now discover and purchase all at once. This means social media is becoming a more streamlined point of purchase mechanism than traditional websites or brick-and-mortar store fronts. For resorts and residences, this also means more opportunities to engage with potential prospects.