How is this possible? In a time of pandemic and economic uncertainty, how would searches for luxury homes go up? The answer is simple: people want to live where it is safe and private. A growing number of these million-dollar-plus searches are for private, master-planned communities, which offer security, seclusion, and safety.

This trend is particularly evident in large urban centers that have a tendency toward pandemic risk, or civil unrest. There’s even a name for it: Hipsturbia. Hipsturbia refers to the growing exodus of families from large cities to quieter, more secluded homes in the suburbs or country. The appeal of many master-planned, private communities is that increasingly they are modeled after traditional neighborhood developments (TND), which are largely self-contained environments which give homeowners access to food, shelter, shopping, fitness, and general well-being.

“We are seeing families and individuals placing a premium on safety and well-being. Instead of waiting for retirement, or for the kids to leave the home, families are seeking the security and privacy of master-planned communities now rather than waiting. Their driving impetus is health and well-being during an uncertain time,” said Peter Dayot, Managing Director of Real Living Productions and Publicus Community.