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Vice President, Operations

This is a career opportunity to join the senior management team of a top-five l leader in the global luxury real estate, hospitality and resort marketing sector.

The Vice President Operations will report directly to the Managing Director [CEO] and Chief Creative Officer, and manage operations, personnel and determine the agency’s operations, policies, and procedures.

The VP of Operations will create and implement processes and technologies to increase profit by streamlining and increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. This position is directly responsible for process workflow and design, defining tasks, and developing and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs). This person will also maintain human, technology, and financial resource planning and allocation for the organization.

The VP of Operations brings leadership in organizational planning, as well as account and project management experience and a focus on continuous improvement of productivity, efficiency, and profit throughout the agency.

The VP of Operations will partner with sales, creative, finance, market research, and technology directors to guide the executive team toward the agency’s growth while achieving short-term and long-term productivity and organizational harmony goals internally and externally.

Operations Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the executive team to define, document, and implement operational plans, procedures, systems, and processes that ensure organizational efficiency, profitability, and growth
  • Collaborate with department directors to define procedures and implement changes that ensure project efficiency, quality assurance, and achievement of profit margin goals
  • Manage quality assurance, account and project management staff and manage their day-to-day responsibilities
  • Ensure all client projects remain on budget and on schedule
  • Ensure accurate time reporting, tracking, and proper utilization of resources
  • Attract, recruit and retain top talent and conduct training for new hires throughout the agency
  • Build and maintain reports for the executive leadership team and directors
  • Stimulate and motivate employees through inspirational, positive leadership
  • Manage day-to-day project engagement
  • Develop breakthrough brand strategies and positioning
  • Participate in interviews and work sessions
  • Take ownership of developing client deliverables and presentations with an intense visual aesthetic and strategic rigor
  • Participate in client and external interviews and client presentations
  • Strong work ethic with superior attention to detail

Other Responsibilities

  • Lead on forming creative platforms, working closely with the marketing team across the different touchpoints within RLP
  • Analyze brand behaviors and industry trends
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Work with business development team to explore new opportunities and manage
    existing client relationships
  • Work with marketing teams to present to clients and bring campaigns to life based on
    creative platforms
  • Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to align the agency with the client’s business goals. Internally this could be the sales, account management, project management, creative, digital and technology, and finance teams. Externally this could be client sales organization, and finance


  • Passionate about data-led insights
  • Passionate about effective marketing and being part of a team to create premier work and experiences
  • A passion for real estate, hospitality and luxury markets
  • Strong business acumen and critical thinking skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to take initiative and to work independently and within a team
  • Will be interested in people, what makes them tick and how to influence their behaviors and create a positive working environment and relationships
  • Effective presenter, who is confident and collected
  • Excellent communication skills across North and South America, Europe and other domestic and international clients
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly in Excel and PowerPoint, Basecamp and Keynote
  • Will continually keep up-to-date with market developments, competitors and embrace the new more effective and productive technologies
  • Eager to take on wide-ranging responsibilities that will bring a unique blend of creative thinking, strategic, management and analytical skills
  • Resourceful problem-solving skills
  • Brings a collaborative and consultative mindset to the management team
  • Take great pride in delivering outstanding work across every campaign and supporting a team to do the same


  • 10+ years of experience in a professional services company, marketing organization, brand consultancy or creative agency
  • Have experience working with marketing intelligence and databases and building brand
    and marketing channel strategies
  • Brand savvy; understand the fundamentals of modern LUXURY marketing and building strong brands in today’s world including pandemics
  • Strong writing skills particularly related to planning, project management and creative marketing
  • Demonstrated track record for strategic planning and draw critical human and cultural insights from data and observation
  • Demonstrated self-starter with a strong background in advertising, marketing, and consulting.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills with the ability to multi-task, especially in high pressure situations

Company & Leadership Values



Trust is the cornerstone upon which we build our relationships. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of how a partner should behave. We treat our people and our clients with respect, transparency and honesty.


This is first and foremost a people business. We are committed to ensuring RLP as a destination for the best talent in our industry. We value people as individuals, developing their strengths, and growing ourselves as we grow our client’s business and brand value.


True GROWTH comes when we stop managing crises, and instead initiate change, consistency and harmony. We believe in our purpose to be the best in class for a working business environment. We believe that focusing on performance and results has the power to transform and create the most value for clients.

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